Lima : Lean Maintenance

LIMA is a Maintenance Management solution that provides your organization with the means to manage maintenance functions effectively. It allows the capture of information at the time and place where it is produced, facilitating decision-making on one of the most valuable assets of any organization, the production teams.

LIMA makes it possible to optimize operations considerably, increase the visibility of maintenance functions and provide substantial financial benefits.

  • Efficiently plans maintenance functions

    Taking control of the maintenance functions of the organization, with the ability to move maintenance activities freely when acting in “crisis mode”, or following the established plan when working in “planning mode”.

  • Improves productivity

    Maximizing your equipment’s operational uptime in optimal operating conditions. This reduces unplanned downtime and the demand for corrective maintenance. Adding work efficiency through better planning of maintenance personnel.

  • Reduces overall operating costs

    LIMA allows you to control and reduce maintenance department costs. You will obtain important savings by avoiding costly repairs before they occur and improving the efficiency of routine maintenance tasks, in addition, since you do not stop paying the operators of your machines when they do not work, the prevention of stoppages also results in lower operating costs.

  • Ensures compliance with legal and liability obligations

    LIMA reminds you of the inspections and preventive maintenance tasks required by law. For example, many organizations have a legal obligation to perform regular maintenance on various types of equipment (elevators, firefighting systems, medical equipment, etc.). At that level, LIMA assures you that you will be notified when maintenance is required, and will continue to remind you until the work is actually done, keeping records that show that the maintenance was completed at the time. In this way, your organization is protected against lawsuits or other potential risks.

As a result of a design by engineers for engineers, LIMA Lean Maintenance offers the following benefits


Changing from a corrective or reactive strategy to a planned preventive maintenance environment results in the following improvements

Up to 400% reduction in equipment failure

The identification of the most recurring errors facilitates an improvement in maintenance practices.

A proactive, planned maintenance environment minimizes the cost of unplanned activities and optimizes resource utilization.

Reducing the volume of unplanned activities to a maximum of 20%, while experiencing an increase in planned work

The dedication to planned activities exceeds 80% of the occupation of resources.

And many more benefits that can be more or less easy to quantify

Optimise the purchase of maintenance materials and spare parts stock levels

Simplify interpersonal communication and provide a better organization to increase staff capacity and productivity

Monitoring of maintenance consumables, waste and shrinkage

Need the best-performing teams for future asset purchase decisions

Monitor energy use and efficiency of appliances, systems, lighting, …

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Olivia MMI incorporates different types of Maintenance Work Orders (MTO). The preventive OTM, which are generated automatically by the manager, after programming periodic reviews of the equipment and the corrective OTM that on the contrary are generated manually by the user or supervisor once there has been a sudden failure or stop of the machine.

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