Ecommerce B2B / B2C
integrated with Business Central (NAV)

Sell online with your e-commerce portal based on standards such as PrestaShop, Magento or WordPress (wooCommerce) integrated if you need it with your ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central o any other ERP.

From Olivia the main objective of the connection of your online store with the ERP is the philosophy of unique data and increased efficiency in sales management processes. Work with the omnicanality demanded today by customers having all the information centralized both in your physical business and online.


Receive real-time orders from your customers and start preparing them immediately. Regularly inform your customers of the status of their orders.

Updated stock

Thanks to the synchronization of data, the stock of your online store will be the same as that of your store, avoiding incidents and offering an omnicanal management to your customers.

Clients and prices

Thanks to the connection, you will be able to have the information of your clients and their rates integrated in the ERP or CRM to be able to offer information and personalized promotions.


All product features will appear in the online store just as you have it in your ERP to centralize information without possible human errors to maintain two platforms to improve the user experience and increase conversions.

With third parties

We integrate your online store with logistics operators, payment methods, product databases, marketplaces, collection points, etc..

Online strategy

At Olivia we have a team of professionals specialized in the development of web portals with the main standards, Magento, PrestaShop and WordPress. We evaluate together with you which platform to use according to your needs and budget.

We are specialists in web portals in industrial sectors both B2B and B2C covering manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers, either with standard portals to start working immediately as more tailored projects. We adapt to your business project so that we are part of your online strategy.

  • B2B: E-commerce platform to help manufacturers and wholesale distributors improve their customer service. Thanks to Olivia’s 24-hour online ordering service, B2B allows you to have your business always active for your distributors, as well as having it fully synchronised with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV management platform.
  • B2C: For those businesses where the activity is aimed at the end customer, Olivia integrates the platforms that best adapt to the needs of the business so that you can have your online store always available, offering your customers the ability to buy at any time of day.

These platforms are always active and in connection with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV management system, as well as with other platforms that allow you to obtain data, in order to analyze them and be able to improve the promotion of your products and increase sales.

Call us and tell us your idea, we will turn it into a real and successful project. At Olivia we will advise you from the beginning of the project with its ecommerce consultancy phase and its integration with your Microsoft ERP until if you wish we can help you in the consultancy of your own ERP to have a comprehensive service.

Web Design

We understand each design of an ecommerce portal as a haute couture suit. At Olivia we work from simple standard templates to a custom design on the main platforms, exclusive and 100% aligned with corporate identity. We adapt to your strategy and budget.

All our designs are responsive where usability prevails in computers, tablets or smartphones. More and more your customers access your website from any device so the user experience must be adapted to each with a design designed for support.


This is one of the most widespread platforms oriented towards the sale of consumer products to the end customer, i.e. a B2C, but at Olivia we are able to take advantage of all the features of Magento by offering an advanced solution for B2B. Currently Magento was acquired by Adobe to be integrated into the Marketing suite and take full advantage of its potential so in Olivia we have opted to integrate the platform with your ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV so that, in this way, manage with absolute control your online sales, marketing and ultimately all the management of the company from a single point to respond quickly to the omnicanality of the sector.


A B2B and B2C Open Source solution in e-commerce. Olivia proposes a complete solution based on PrestaShop to manage the online sales of your business. We work with this platform for its high quality. PrestaShop currently enjoys a great reputation and community in the European market, leading countries such as Spain and France. PrestaShop is a company founded in France in 2007 and which in 2014 had an annual turnover of around 15 million euros. Its growth has served to democratize digital commerce at other levels thanks to its growing community of developers who bring an improvement in this free platform and trade. We are specialists with many years of experience in this type of solutions.

wooCommerce (WordPress)

WordPress is not just a platform for making blocs. It is a tool to do everything. We know that as CMS refers, is a more than successful solution, but this does not imply being able to mount an eCommerce and that is also a very good decision. Today we have solutions as solid as wooCommerce, the star platform in excellence to create our eCommerce, which is extraordinarily flexible and scalable to have your own eCommerce. WordPress left its platform label for blogging years ago, and is now used as a platform for creating websites. It is currently the most installed CMS in the world with almost 25% of all websites in the world.

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